“Develop” Natural Life Stage Supplement
For Young Horses 12-24 Months

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Young Horse Health Issues

Your young horse may look bigger and stronger but this can be deceiving.

Their young body is still developing and careful attention is needed to stop health problems before they can start.

Some of the health problems your young horse is still at risk for are: osteochondrosis (OCD), strained muscles, tendons and ligaments, chip fractures, degenerative joint disease (DJD) of the hocks, weakened immune system, gastric ulcers

The three main reasons health problems can occur in your young horse are:

1.  Incorrect nutrition that weakens developing bones and causes an uneven growth curve

2. Stress that can hinder the immune system

3. Hard fast training that can over stress immature bones, joints, tendons and ligaments. 



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For young horses
12-24 months

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What we can do for your young horse

At this stage of life, your young horse is very active with higher nutritional needs due to increased levels of exercise and stress.
(Even if they’re not in training.)

So in year 2 it’s critical to support bone, joint and muscle growth, and help
prevent injuries.

Close attention still needs to be paid to the young horse’s diet & exercise to protect their immature bones & joints.

Adjustments to energy, vitamin and mineral intake and protein are required to accommodate changing musculo-skeletal development.

“Develop” includes ingredients that contain the nutrients for healthy bones & joints & to help support, strengthen and care for the young horse’s whole body.

With “Develop” you don’t have to worry about harmful risks from imbalanced nutrients. “Develop” has the corresponding ingredients and correct amounts to improve the young horses health and help prevent future health and growth risks.

“Develop” is a Holistic supplement taking care of your young horse’s whole health from head to toe so there is no need to give your young horse any extra vitamin and mineral supplements.

How it works...

We use natural plus organic blends of plants, herbs, fruits, seeds, sea vegetables and roots provide specific nutrients for your developing horses’ life stage for proper bone, joint and muscle growth.

Your young horse is also provided with TOTAL BODY SUPPORT using additional ingredients to help their digestive system, immune system, skin & coat, circulatory, nervous, and lymphatic systems, and even liver & kidneys.

We do this because we look at your whole horse
Not just 1 piece or 1 symptom

We improve the balance and condition of your horse’s body by focusing on strengthening your young horse’s whole body defenses.

All of the ingredients are chosen for their individual properties that when combined to complement each other and work together in a balanced and efficient manner.

By encouraging your young horse’s health






Your Growing Foal’s Health Benefits

Featured ingredients to help your young horse continue to grow without any health problems to their still immature joints, bones, hooves and muscles.

What they get

How they get it

Strong bones & joints
prevent joint stiffness, deterioration of cartilage & joint tissue + reduce inflammation

Gotu kola, garlic, cleavers, celery seed, ashawagandha, meadowsweet, alfalfa dandelion, nettle, hawthorn, sea vegetables, oat straw

Musculoskeletal system
reduce muscle spasms, cramps, & inflammation

Flax seed, meadowsweet, grape seed, nettle, Siberian ginseng, hawthorn, oat straw

  Healthy digestion
  helps absorb & utilize nutrients,
   support & maintain healthy & effective
   gut health & function

Alfalfa, flax seed, sea vegetables, garlic (prebiotic), meadowsweet, milk thistle, gotu kola, hawthorne, malic acid, dandelion (prebiotic),

 Strong Hooves
  to condition, strengthen & promote
  healthy hoof growth

  Sea vegetables, alfalfa, cleavers, nettle,
  garlic, flax seed, hawthorn, oat straw

 Strong Circulatory
  promote circulation to legs &
  hoofs for healthy function

  Cleavers, garlic, meadowsweet,









list_bullet Learn how each organic ingredient works for your horse

Other health benefits from complementary ingredients
like vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and omega 3,6, & 9 fatty acids to
   improve and maintain your young horse’s whole body:











Questions? For instant answers & details.

Call us at 800-881-9304

For FASTEST Service e-mail us using the contact us page



All - In - One
Organic & Natural
A complete supplement for
whole horse support

Young Horses



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Nutrient Facts (PDF)

list_bullet Horse Yearling Nutrients 12-18

list_bullet Horse Yearling Nutrients 18-24 IT

list_bullet Horse Yearling Nutrients 18-24 

 list_bullet Horse Yearling Nutrients 24+

We use our ingredients wheel to fine tune each of our natural supplements based on your foal’s needs.

It also serves to help you discover what’s in your supplement in an easy & common sense way.

We want you to know what natural ingredients you are getting at a glance.





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